Towards the end of the 90’s I painted my first narrowboat, that of Mr Peter Newman, the proprietor of Langley Mill Boatyard, since then I have painted literally hundreds of boats, all over the country but recently mostly around Nottingham where I’m based. This usually includes any signage and artwork the customer may request including traditional roses and castles etc. Show me a picture and I can faithfully copy it.

My prices are at the bargain-end compared to the great majority of other boat painters (based on what I hear of other quotes that have been given to my customers) and for the quality, think my prices are unbeatable going  by all the feed-back my many customers give me.

So please feel free to ask for a quote by emailing me details of what you want.

My most up-to-date work can be seen on my facebook page under Robert naghi (naghi with a small n.)

Hope to hear from you.